He Speaks

The Scriptures declare Him. And our lives should declare Him to the world. But if we have festering wounds in us, through the Bible and the Holy Spirit, let Him speak to you to bring healing and hope. He cares for you!

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A Fixed Focus

Storms are a part of human existence. And like the disciples who found themselves on a stormy sea, they had a choice: to look at the storm in terror, or fix their eyes on the One Who drives out all fear. Day 1 in the Face2Face Devotional Series.

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Joy Versus Depression

The phrase “joy of the Lord” is almost a cliche in churches and among Christ-followers. But what does it really refer to, and is it possible to live with such overwhelming joy that nothing can dim our zeal for life? And what happens if there is also present a deep sadness or depression within us? […]

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