On Our Way to the Fountainhead of Joy!

C.S. Lewis wrote about his journey in which, eventually, after many decades of searching, he came to encounter the Fountainhead of Joy–an expression that highlighted his discovery of the God of the Scriptures as the Architect of Creation, and, subsequently, its Redeemer.

As the creator of Light Words Today, I will always seek to spotlight, either directly or indirectly, the Author of Life–the Fountainhead of Joy. In all my writings over the years, I’ve sought to highlight that which enlivens the heart–stories that break through hardened hearts and generate hope, joy, laughter, and, ultimately, encounter with the One. I invite you to step with me and explore what C.S. Lewis meant above when he referenced the Fountainhead of Joy.

This blog is here to spotlight my writings, the writings of others (by author spotlighting or book reviews-with occasional film reviews), and to also talk about the creative side of writing as I’ve learned it. But most importantly, i want to share about that overflowing life that we can enter and thrive within. It’s not always easy, and for some of us, the journey is or has been heart-wrenching. But there is a great Light that can meet us and drive from us any and all darkness. He is alive!

I hope you’ll follow for more blog entries, and that you’ll share with a friend or two. Thanks for stopping by! -Sean Elliot Russell

Author of the inspirational novels “The Jesus Boy” and “Shiloh’s Rising.”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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