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I seek to highlight the One in my works, because He has changed my life. Even when I’ve failed Him or represented Him poorly, I’ve always known where most I can find happiness, joy, peace, love, and purpose. He is my everything.

This is why I write Light Words Today.

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The Lord Jesus, Yeshua ha Mashiach, went to war to rescue me. I seek to help others experience His Rescue through Light Words–words designed to lead people toward the Fountainhead of Joy. When you encounter Him, you’ll forever be changed. You’ll not thirst or hunger anymore (as long as you abide in Him).

Born in UK, lived most of my life in USA before returning to the land of my birth. A First Gulf War Vet (M1A1 Tanker). A traveler. A cook. A writer of inspirational content! And I have created Light Words Today to be a means to encourage others on their own pathways.

The One is waiting for us. Let’s hear His roar and move with Him!

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